Invisalign Vaudreuil-Clear braces

Over two million patients worldwide have used the Invisalign® systems to straighten their smiles. Dr. Amin offers patients the option of easily and comfortably straightening their teeth with Invisalign® or "invisible braces".

Straight and properly aligned teeth are key components of a properly functioning and good-looking smile. Invisalign® uses a series of virtually invisible aligners to gradually shift your teeth into place.
With Invisalign®, you'll enjoy the freedom of being able to eat and drink comfortably with removable aligners. Invisalign® aligners are so thin and clear, that most people probably won't even notice you're wearing them. And because they are removable, you'll be able to floss and brush your teeth according to your normal routine to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Invisalign® is suitable for both adults and teens, to address issues such as: crowding, widely spaced teeth, overbite, underbite and crossbite. Treatment time is comparable, or often shorter than treatment with traditional braces.

During your initial visit, Dr. Amin can determine if you are an appropriate candidate for treatment with Invisalign®. Dr. Amin is a Invisalign® Premier Provider and has treated simple to complex orthodontic cases with Invisalign®.

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