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Debunking Common Dental Care Myths about Seniors

January 27, 2014 | Posted in Information, Dental Care, Adults | Be the first one to comment

Having a beautiful smile is important whether you are six or 60. Read on to learn the truth about some of the most common myths surrounding seniors and dental care.
Modern dental care makes it possible for many elderly people to keep their teeth far longer into their golden years and possibly throughout their lives. With professional dental cleanings on a regular basis along with daily brushing and flossing, it is entirely possible to maintain your natural teeth.
Gum disease is not an effect of aging; it is a result of plaque buildup and can affect seniors as well as younger patients. Seniors who experience problems such as receding gums may be more at risk for plaque buildup. Dry mouth, smoking, and taking certain medications can also result in an increased risk for periodontal disease.
Gum disease develops over time and symptoms may not be present; however, that does not mean it is not serious. Although it often begins with a slight redness around the gums, it can develop into pockets near the base of the teeth. Eventually, teeth can become loose and may fall out. Gum disease can also result in chronic oral infections, causing the release of bacteria that can spread throughout the body and result in a variety of other health conditions, including stroke and coronary heart disease. Regular dental cleanings can remove plaque under the gums and reduce your risk for serious health problems.
Dentures are not the only way to replace missing teeth. Implants can also be used to replace missing teeth while also preserving bone and the shape of your jaw. Along with feeling and looking more natural, an implant can improve a smile and increase self-confidence, something that is important for all age groups.

Tooth loss can affect ones ability to chew as well as the types of food one is able to eat. Some seniors who have missing teeth experience poor nutrition, which can result in poor overall health. Missing teeth can also result in an improper bite, a situation that can lead to pain in the jaws, and can also create changes in speech. Modern dentistry can provide a range of solutions for missing teeth as you grow older.
Full-mouth restoration can provide a number of solutions to missing, broken, or damaged teeth and restore them to a beautiful and functional state. Such dental care options include dental implants, gum treatment, crowns, and bridges. The precise method that may be right for you will depend upon the state of your existing teeth and the number of teeth that are missing.

Emergency services are also available to treat immediate problems. However, with proper dental care and regular semi-annual treatments, many seniors enjoy healthy, natural teeth throughout their lives.
No matter your age, it is never too late to have a beautiful, healthy smile.

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